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7 Magic Words That Help Reveal a Lie

In this 60 second video, you’ll learn a way to increase your chances of getting an honest answer from the folks you deal with every day — from buyers, to sellers, to vendors… to other real estate pros.

A Cornell University study reveals there are seven “magic words that help reveal a lie.” According to this video summary of the research, most people lie when speaking via telephone vs. communicating through email.

Also, according to the study, 14% of people will lie in email, 21% in a text message, 27% face-to-face, and 37% over the phone.

Because people are less likely to lie “on paper”, Richard Wiseman suggests the best thing to do is to say these 7 words, “Can you just email me about that?”

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8 Cheeky (But Valuable) Tips For Anyone Thinking Of Getting Their Real Estate License

So, you’re thinking about getting your real estate license, right? Well congratulations! With effort and hard work, you’ll be well on your way to doing head-first dives into a swimming pool filled with gold coins, Ducktales style.

But first, you have a business to build, teeth to cut, and a potty to learn to use just like the big boys and girls. There’s money to be made, but you will have to survive your first year if you ever want to see it.

That’s why I’ve put together 8 under-the-radar tips that will not only help you get through your first year, but they will serve you well through the rest of your real estate journey. Consider them a survivor’s guide to real estate.

1. Make the screensaver on your phone a photo of your family, or you might forget what they look like.

This business sometimes takes us away from home more than we like. Sometimes we miss important events. A family photo as your phone wallpaper will help ensure you don’t lose track of what your family looks like.

BONUS TIP: If you’re not overly fond of them, use a fake family picture and Photoshop yourself into it. Make sure to give everyone a name in the photo. It would be really weird if you didn’t.

2. Make sure your cell phone plan has unlimited texting.

You are going to be surprised how many times you end up texting the phrases “no news yet” and “I need a drink”.

3. If a marketer calls calls you and wants to sell you some sort of QR code advertising, laugh at them, then start repeating every word they say.

You will get more out of mocking them than you would with whatever QR code nonsense they are trying to sell you, because literally, no one still knows what to do with a QR code.

4. Invest in good deodorant.

I know this seems like a no-brainer, but this business is probably harder on the ole armpit than many.

BONUS TIP: Carry an extra deodorant in your car. Also, it never hurts to have a jacket or blazer on hand in case you armpits decide to melt through your shirt right before an appointment. Which they will.

5. You will have sleepless nights, and diarrhea, and not necessarily in that order.

If you’re doing it right, you’ll go through times in this business that stress you out. Times when you have a lot riding on your shoulders. And sometimes, when that happens, your body will turn on you. Just remember, as you’re laying there staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night, or waddling towards the porcelain throne AGAIN, remind yourself, “it’s worth it… it’s totally worth it…. it’s OH NO NOT AGAIN!”

6. Never pay for advertising that someone could draw a moustache on… or worse.

Slapping your photo on something that is easily defaceable will get you a reputation that you did not intend. You WILL end up looking like Tom Selleck…or worse. (Probably worse)

7. When at a house showing, always check the water to make sure it’s on… especially before telling your client’s kid that he can use the bathroom.

As if the kid’s dance while he holds himself wasn’t enough of a clue, the giant glob of mayonnaise on Little Timmy’s shirt should be a pretty good indicator that he’s going to destroy that bathroom. And he WILL destroy that bathroom.

BONUS TIP: If you find yourself in this situation, promptly call the listing agent as soon as your showing is over and tell them that it was like that when you got there. And whatever you do, don’t mention the word mayonnaise, they’ll know you’re lying.

8. Lastly, remember that no matter how much stress, or sweat, or whatever else comes your way in your first year, things will be ok.

Things will somehow work out. When a deal is crashing, just remember that the world isn’t. Put forth effort, be persistent, and don’t stop grinding.

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5 Things Real Estate Agents Hate Hearing From Prospects and Clients

A study was done a few years back where surveyors asked people if they’d ever considered working in the real estate field, and 98% of the people surveyed said “yes”. I guess everyone thinks our job is easy or something.

I can assure you, being an agent is not easy. Any job where you deal with the mass public is not easy. People are hard to please, especially when it comes to buying a huge asset like a home.

It’s not that people are mean (in most cases); rather, it’s that much like any other job, the general public has no idea what’s really going on behind the scenes. To the public, we agents stick a sign in the yard, enter some data into the MLS and then collect a $10,000+ check.

That couldn’t be further from the truth for those of us who treat this like a career. All CE, BS and MSA aside, we have a lot going on with each transaction. We deal with vendors, negotiations, repairs, marketing and vendors. Did I mention vendors? Because they aren’t always easy to deal with.

We agents live on commission. That means we must answer our phone, show homes and make offers in order to eventually collect a check. That said, we look at every phone call, every sign call and every website entry as someone we can use our skills to help get into the home of their dreams.

That’s not always the case for the person on the other end of the deal. Most consumers will hit 6 websites and enter their information. That means there is, on average, six of us chasing each lead. The consumer thinks we exist in abundance. So they take advantage of us (unknowingly, in most cases).

#1 “I didn’t want to bother my agent.”

It’s Saturday morning and the phone rings. You pick it up and there’s someone on the line that wants to look at one of your listings. You go through the normal song and dance to get their information. When you ask, “Do you have an agent you’re currently working with?”, they say “Yes but they’re busy, I don’t want to bother them.”

As crazy as it sounds, this happens a lot. It’s like consumers want you to work for free, so they can pay their sister-in-law (who just got her license 2 weeks ago, mind you) a commission to stop bothering them.

PSA to the public: It’s your right to ‘bother’ your agent. That’s exactly what you hired him/her for. And if he/she actually considers you a bother, you’ve hired the wrong one.

#2 “Yes I’m already working with someone, but…”

What’s even worse is when they try and convince you that you should still show them the house after they tell you they have an agent. They say clever phrases like, “If you show it to me, I might buy it!” Really? Tell me more….

Agents with the REALTOR® designation abide by a strict code of ethics, and there’s a fine line between stepping on another REALTOR’S® toes and violating the code. Many consumers have no idea how all of this works, but you can count on them to always dangle the proverbial, “I might buy it” carrot in front of you.

PSA to the public: Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but if you’re working with an agent, allow him/her to initiate contact for your showings.

#3 “Zillow says our home is worth waaaay more than that…”

Ahh, that moment you reveal the results of your CMA and they compare it to a Zestimate®. “But Zillow® said…” can be one of the most frustrating phrases to hear as an agent. You then have to validate yourself as a licensed expert who works in the area, against a website designed to capture leads. Go figure.

It’s not that we hate Zillow® (well, some do and some don’t — I personally think it’s a good tool for exposure), but man it causes a lot of confusion we have to clear up with our clients on a daily basis.

PSA to the public: Relying on Zillow® to determine your home’s value is, at best, a crapshoot. Zillow® itself even encourages buyers, sellers and homeowners to conduct other research such as “getting a comparative market analysis (CMA) from a real estate agent” and “getting an appraisal from a professional appraiser.”

#4 “I saw a website that said they sell properties for a flat fee.”

On paper, namely a HUD, it looks like we make a killing on each property we sell. The public has no idea how much MLS dues, lock boxes, Supra keys, CCS, Realtor Dues, CE and marketing dollars we spend on a monthly basis. Being a real estate agent is not cheap.

I didn’t even mention commission splits and desk fees. The list goes on forever and every day someone new is trying to sell us something. For a lot of us, the second we get our checks, it goes right back into our business. Selling millions of dollars in assets a year ain’t cheap.

PSA to the public: It’s not wise to shop for a real estate agent based on cost alone. And when evaluating candidates, make sure to compare apples to apples. Take into consideration such things as experience, track record of success, and client testimonials. Also, “newer agent” shouldn’t be an automatic red flag — they can sometimes be the most hungry and technologically savvy you’ll find.

#5 “It’s a ridiculously low offer but see if they will take it”

Don’t you hate insulting other agents by giving them a ridiculously low offer? It’s really a waste of time for all parties involved, but there’s always that one buyer who thinks they can roll the dice on getting a deal. They say, “You never know until you ask”. Trust me, we know.

I’m not talking a lowball offer a few thousand under list price; I’m talking a $100k offer on a $200k home because “it’s been on the market forever.” By sending a ridiculous offer to another agent, who by law, is supposed to protect the interest of their clients, is just insulting. We don’t like it when it’s done to us…

PSA to the public: As humans, we’re wired to love getting deals, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In some markets, deals can still be scooped up. However, be mindful that sellers can be insulted if the offer is too low, resulting in an unwillingness to take you seriously (read: colossal backfire). There’s no exact science to negotiating — just listen to the advice of your agent and you should be ok.

These five things may be the most dreaded phrases uttered by prospects but there are 100s of phrases we love to hear. Things like, “I love this house,” “Thank you for getting me my dream home,” “You sold our home for more than we expected,” and most importantly “Here’s a referral.”

Next time you get one of these phrases thrown at you, send them to this article for future reference. The more you know… 🙂

Ryan Stewman is a no-nonsense sales and marketing expert who helps high net-worth performers make adjustments in their businesses that lead to greater profit.

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The Barefoot Realtor


Jan Branyon

Location: Greensboro, NC

Company: Keller Williams of Greensboro


The Barefoot Realtor

I am known to some as “The Barefoot Realtor”.

You see, early in my career I was working with a relocation couple. Had prepped myself with the carload of goodies… you know, bottled water, snacks, etc. as we had a long day planned. (I think I had about 10 houses scheduled as they could only look one day).

We ventured out early and landed at our first showing. The client wanted garden space, so off to the backyard we went. Being the great agent, I walked every corner with them. LOL. My luck, I stepped in… well, you know. Got to the front door, and lo and behold the smell overwhelmed even this southern girl’s nose! Now, I’m used to those farm smells, but this was distinctly “ode de doggie”.

So I opened the door, invited them to view while I found the garden hose and scrubbed my shoes. I left them out to dry on the porch. Meanwhile, showing went on. Got back into car with wet shoes. However, by the time I got to the second home, I soon realized there was NO way we could put up with my new found “perfume”. So, I stopped the car, opened the truck to put those shoes in.

I usually carry new construction shoes… OMG, where were they? Well, I had taken them out to make room for their luggage and all of those snacks. What’s a girl to do? I remained calm, showed the remainder of homes in… yep, my bare feet. I now always get a pedicure before showing houses, by the way.

We laughed, they were cool, everything went on schedule until the last house. Of course, I always ring the bell (just in case), and you guessed it — seller was there. I introduced myself as Jan, as she stared at my now dirty feet. I didn’t miss a beat. Jan, you know, the “Barefoot Realtor”. She said, “You people will do anything to sell a house.”

Funny fact, they ended up buying the first house. We later found out the seller had six dogs. No wonder there was “dog dirt” everywhere.


Grace M. Koreyasu (R) CRS, SRES

Location: Kailua, HI

Company: Prudential Locations LLC

Website: N/A

Mistaken for a Burglar

Was scheduled to show a beachfront house in Waimanalo, Oahu, Hawaii. The lockbox was not available — heard that the owner’s ex-boyfriend was constantly sabotaging showings, so I didn’t think anything of it. The house was vacant and pretty much stripped of anything of value (ie: toilets, cabinetry etc.)… so, we’re talking shell of a house.

Since the doors were locked and I couldn’t find the lockbox, we decided to go in through an open window. My client went in and I followed, then a man showed up and started screaming that I’m a burglar (mind you, the house is completely void of anything other than walls). I crawled out and tried to explain that I have confirmation from the lister to show, etc… but, this man wouldn’t let up. He then called the police.

Police arrived, and as I explained the situation, the listing agent arrived. Man was still crazy… didn’t have authority to call police as he wasn’t an owner, etc… but, this guy insisted that I get handcuffed and taken in. By this point my client was hysterical and crying. Man was still yelling with cops trying to calm him down. What a mess! True story.


Cari Price

Location: Rancho Mirage, CA

Company: Keller Williams


Squatter’s Rights? Not This Time!

When I was selling REO’s I had to go to a less than desirable part of town for one. I parked in front of the property and the front door was open. I saw a neighbor next door and went to talk to him to see if he knew anything about the people who lived there. He said they had moved out about a week ago so I asked him if he would mind coming into the house with me since the door was open. He said sure.

We walked in the front door and noticed the property was vandalized. Not unusual. We headed upstairs and saw one of the bedroom doors was closed. He opened it and there was a homeless person sleeping inside. The neighbor looked around the room for a few seconds then closed the door. He turned and said, “My motorhome was broken into the other day and all my stuff is in that room.” We went back outside and called the police. I’ll never forget to keep pepper spray after that.


Detria “DD” Burger

Location: Fayetteville, NC (Ft. Bragg)

Company: Prudential All American Homes


False Alarm

Went to a vacant listing to check on it (two story) and heard a noise upstairs. It scared the bejesus out of me. So I went to my car, called hubby, he came over to be my back-up. We went upstairs and window was cracked opened and wind was blowing the blind. 🙂

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Dear Real Estate (A Valentine’s Day Love Letter)

Dear Real Estate,

Remember when we first got together? People didn’t think we’d last. Maybe they didn’t always say it, but they thought it.

“You could do so much better. Why would you be a real estate agent?”

“What’s your back-up plan?”

“You should get a real job…”

I’m sure they were well-intentioned. But I ignored them.

There were times, though, when even I wondered if you were worth the chase. You do tend to play hard to get. Not even sure you know you’re that way. But maybe you do. Maybe you just wanted to see how much I really cared.

I’ve come to love and appreciate that about you. If you were too easy, our relationship wouldn’t be so rewarding…and my love and respect wouldn’t be so deep.

Who knows, maybe I’d have scrammed when times got tough.

We jumped right into marriage

I’m glad we jumped right into marriage. If we’d just dated—if I’d kept my options open—we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. Commitment was a good thing.

For better or for worse…

We’ve certainly had our share of worse, right Real Estate? You remember 2005-2010, don’t you? Those were some tough years. You were sluggish. Money was tight. Things just didn’t seem right.

But we stuck it out. And we’re better and stronger because of those years. And I’m sure we’ll go through times like that again. We’ll be OK.

To me, you were never a one night stand

Not just anybody can see the depth of your beauty. Takes a special type. It’s weird how some people look at you like the “love ‘em and leave ‘em” type. You’re not… necessarily. But if that’s how someone treats you, you’re cool with it. The truth is, you’ll love anyone.

And you do. You have millions of lovers. Some new, some old. Some will come and go, some will be with you forever.

Used to bug me. Thought we had something special. But I’ve come to terms with it. I know many will be nothing but a quick fling. They won’t truly love you and will be out the door quickly. Nothing wrong with that. Things happen. Sometimes relationships don’t work.

I’m totally fine sharing you with others. I just hope they love and respect you as much as I do.

They say you’re moody

I get a little defensive when people say you’re in one of your moods. Sure, you have your ups and downs. Who doesn’t?

But it’s not you… it’s them. You’re never going to be perfect to everyone at every moment. Someone’s always gonna have something to say about you. But I dig that you ignore what everyone’s saying and how you just keep on being you.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we’ve had a few spats over the years. But now that I get that you’re not the boss of me, any more than I can tell you what to do or when, we almost never disagree.

But sometimes I wish you wouldn’t go around looking so sexy. Every time I hear people saying how hot Real Estate is right now, I can’t help but to question their motives in my own protective little way.

It’s not about the number of transactions

When I was younger, I never really got what people meant when they’d say that love grows deeper over time. But now I realize it does. It evolves.

I’m not sure about you, but for me, early on it was all about having as many transactions a month as possible. Heck, I was always hoping for multiple transactions in a day!

But the honeymoon is over. It’s not about the quantity for me anymore. It’s about the quality of the transactions. And don’t take that as me saying I’m “settling” for quality… I just yearn for quality more than quantity is all.

(But hey, don’t get me wrong… I’ll take as many quality transactions as I can get! Just sayin’…)

It’s not you, it’s…

There’s a lot of reasons people get angry at each other and break up. With you, I think it’s typically over money issues. Or, about not having enough transactions. They kinda go hand in hand.

You do stress people out.

Dragging you to counselling isn’t gonna work, though. It’s on them to make the relationship work. You couldn’t be more flexible, understanding, or accepting.

Maybe it’d be best if they just spent some quiet alone-time with you.

Real Estate, it’s not you when things are aggravating. It’s not you that causes the stress, the worry, the wasted time, and ups and downs. It’s people that cause these things…

It’s other agents. It’s buyers and sellers. It’s appraisers, attorneys, inspectors, and lenders.

It’s the economy.

It’s how they all interact and affect each other.

But deep down it’s not you, Real Estate.

Over the years, I’ve learned to help people understand you better. Calm them and help them see you for what you are. Help them love you as much as I do and deal with you as you are, not as they want you to be. And ideally, I help them all deal with each other with love and respect and an understanding that we all have a relationship with you, and we all need to get along.

To marry you is to marry your family

To marry you is to marry your whole family… and each and every one of their quirky ways.

Speaking of which, if another one of your relatives says, “You still doin’ Real Estate?” one more time… Don’t they know it’s more than that with us!?

But I’ve learned that it’s important to love them all, even if they are difficult to like at times. But I certainly have my favorites to sit next to at the holidays.

But at times, it seems we’re always around other people…

Alone time, just me and you

Whether it’s clients, inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, or other agents–the family of people it takes for us to get anything done–the busy-ness can get in the way of remembering what it is I love about you.

It’s funny though, isn’t it? When we’re alone, I just can’t wait to be around everyone, anyone…to be busy again. And then the noise, the motion and commotion of it all, gets in the way of seeing you for everything you are and could be.

So, sometimes it’s just plain good to sit down and be alone with you, and let you know I am constantly thinking about you and working on “us”. It’s good for you to know, but more importantly it’s good for me to remember.

And as we ride off into the sunset, I recognize your free spirit, and that’s a good thing.

Because ultimately, your love is meant to be shared with the world. We’re nothing without others.

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So What Exactly Do REALTORS® Do, Anyway?

There’s a misconception that Realtors rake in wheelbarrows full of cash and don’t work very hard for it. Newsflash: Realtors do a lot more than drive around and show homes or stick “For Sale” signs on people’s lawns to earn our living. A living, by the way, that we work extremely hard for, seven days a week, all hours of the day and night, and that we often wait 30-60 days to receive a paycheck for.

Unlike other professions, we work for FREE and don’t get rewarded with the hard-earned paycheck unless and until the sale closes, which is typically 45-60 days after we’ve started working for the client.

Here’s a simplified list of all that we do.

  1. Research comparable properties and compile listing presentations.
  2. Educate buyers and sellers of current market conditions.
  3. Verify property details: lot size, taxes, utilities, etc.
  4. Input listings into numerous MLS databases, and several other websites.
  5. Create flyers & promotional materials
  6. Host & promote Open Houses.
  7. Counsel people, listen to their needs and wants, and usually their life stories too.
  8. We work our butts off seven days a week, and on average 8-14 hours a day. The really good ones do it with a smile on their face and make it look easy.
  9. Communicate with co-op agents and brokers, title agencies, home inspectors, home appraisers, pest inspectors, well & septic inspectors and loan officers. This includes phone calls and emails and we must keep all communications organized too.
  10. Help stage homes for open house, showings and photos.
  11. Suggest curb appeal enhancements or home updates/upgrades.
  12. Request feedback from buyer’s agents, and often times we hunt them down just to get it, and leave feedback after showing homes to our own buyers.
  13. Stay educated on market values, comps and suggest price changes when needed.
  14. Receive and present offers to sellers.
  15. Execute and provide expert advice on offers for buyers.
  16. Negotiate counteroffers. Re-Negotiate, and sometimes re-negotiate again. This also includes getting addendums and amendments drafted and signed for each re-negotiation.
  17. Arrange appraisal. Pull comps and meet with appraiser. Stay patient for at least a week while anxiously waiting for the appraisal report.
    1. Schedule and attend the home inspection.
    2. Attend networking events, luncheons, mixers, meetings, awards ceremonies, and community events with intentions to hopefully gain business partnerships, or new client leads, while self-promoting yourself and your listings.
    3. Schedule multiple showings and spend countless hours driving and showing homes.
    4. Check and respond to online inquiries, social media and website alerts, and hundreds of emails, daily.
    5. Receive and respond to dozens of phone calls and text messages, daily.
    6. Attend continuing education classes every year, and stay current with the ever-changing rules and laws within the real estate industry.
    7. Review closing costs and prepare clients for the closing.
    8. Organize, complete, and review hundreds of pieces of paperwork per client.
    9. Deal with fussy, unrealistic, unappreciative and ungrateful buyers and sellers (at times)… yet remain professional and available 24/7.
    10. Never “punch out” and basically remain “on call” every day, all day. During weekends, holidays, and vacations too!

    To sum it up…

    • We are photographers
    • We are chauffeurs
    • We are financial advisors
    • We are therapists
    • We are baby-sitters
    • We are schedulers
    • We are negotiators
    • We are secretaries
    • We are multi-taskers
    • We are people’s punching bags
    • We are organizers
    • We are educators
    • We are self-employed
    • We are… superheroes? Yeah, we’re pretty much superheroes 🙂
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This Playlist Perfectly Sums Up The Life Of A Realtor

A Realtor experiences a wide array of emotions every day ranging from being happy about a new client, to impatient or frustrated with a lender, to ecstatic to get a clear to close, and wanting to scream and throw something because the client lost the house in a bidding war. It’s a crazy roller coaster ride at times. Whatever the situation, there’s a perfectly fitting song for the mood… and here are some of them.

1. Here’s the perfect song to wake up to and hope for an optimistic, sun-shiny day!

Via mikeylepford222

2. This song perfectly describes most days when a Realtor’s phone will not stop ringing!

Via billynair

3. When your pipeline is dried up and you need to revive your business. You go back to your roots.

Via ImagineDragonsVEVO

4. When a friend calls you to help them find their dream home!

Via Teresa Jane

5. When you find out one of your “trusted” loan officers or title reps isn’t so trustworthy after all.

Via Vou te mostrar como se Graduar

6. When you’re dealing with a client who’s causing nothing but trouble, trouble, trouble.

Via Taylor Alison Swift HD/HQ

7. When you’re happy!

Via Andrés Díaz

8. When you’re having a bad day.

Via Warner Bros. Records

9. When you’re driving fast on the freeway on your way home after showing 12 homes in 5 zip codes.

Via TrainVEVO

10. For the ladies, here’s the perfect song for anyone who said you’d never make it… oh Lord were they mistaken.

Via Ruaa Hadi

11. And here’s the perfect song for you men to tell everybody, go ahead and tell everybody you’re the man, you’re the man, you’re the man.

Via Aloe Blacc

12. When you’re helping buyers that are dragging you ‘round and ‘round like a carousel and you wish they’d make up their mind already!

Via melanie martinez

13. When helping a buyer and the sale falls apart, and you need to start all over, and you just want to scream.

Via RihannaVEVO

14. When Zillow calls you. And Google. And any rep trying to sell you anything.

Via keshaVEVO

15. When a close friend or family member hires another Realtor, cuz’ baby now we got bad blood.

Via TaylorSwiftVEVO

16. When showing the cookie cutter little boxes all made of ticky tacky to your client who loves the suburbs.

Via Walk off the Earth

17. Showing homes to a buyer who says they want one thing and asks to see something different, and a few days later wants to see more homes in 4 different zip codes, and then a different floor plan, and then changes their mind 16 more times.

Via Luucas Pinto

18. When you find out a buyer doesn’t qualify for a loan yet, and it may take many months or a year until they can buy a home.

Via Fal CON

19. When you lose a client. You are sad for a minute.

Via Passenger

20. When you’re done with your pity party and your inner tiger is unleashed, and ready to roar!

Via KatyPerryVEVO

21. When your buyers find “The House” and you encourage them to write an offer on it. Right Now.

Via Nii Riera

22. When you get to tell your buyers the great news that they GOT THE HOUSE!

Via Flo Rida

23. The jam for a long day working in the trenches, and you’re ready to collapse but keep working hard for your clients.

Via Coltsrock56

24. When you get the clear to close!

Via Flo Rida

25. Ladies, when you drive to the closing.

Via FifthHarmonyVEVO

26. Gents, when you drive to the closing.

Via eOneMusicUS

27. When you finally get paid your hard-earned commission check.

Via I am Max
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10 Things I Really Wish Co-Op Agents Would Stop Doing

Real estate agents come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Some take pride in their job and are professional and dedicated, while others… not so much. You’ll find this disparity in all professions, but in the real estate industry you’ll find a wider assortment than an economy sized box of chocolates.

Why is that? Probably because real estate agents are self-employed, so we don’t all adhere to the same policies, practices, or rules when dealing with each other. You never know what you’re gonna get when working with another agent. You’re optimistic it’ll be a yummy, gooey caramel , but sometimes it’s that yucky, pink fluffy stuff that leaves a not-so-pleasant taste in your mouth.

But enough with the analogies. If you’re a good real estate agent, you get it. But if you’re not, here are 10 things the rest of us wish you’d stop doing from now on.

1. Neglecting to return phone calls and acknowledging texts and emails.

I may have a question about one of your listings. I may have an offer for you! Hello? Don’t you want to make a sale? If I have to reach out a second time, say a day later, I then have to spend more of my time to hunt you down on Facebook where I see you are alive and well, playing Candy Crush and hunting Pokémon. Rule # 1: Communicate. They teach reading and writing in kindergarten… clearly they should add a section about it on the Real Estate Exam too!

2. Calling from the driveway requesting to show my listing RIGHT NOW instead of scheduling it beforehand.

I understand this happens sometimes when out with buyers, but when I explain that the sellers can’t allow a showing RIGHT NOW because a baby is sleeping or there are dogs roaming free inside (or insert whatever else), then you need to be understanding. Please don’t whine and complain to me; simply reschedule. The world doesn’t revolve around you any more than it does me. If your buyers really want to see this house, please be respectful of what the sellers are asking and stop griping to me on the phone. Sheesh!

3. Hijacking my clever Facebook post designed to generate leads by posting in the comments YOUR information with a call to action.

Actually, thanks for that because you look like a total idiot and you’re driving more people to MY page!

4. Contacting me after your home inspection on a 50 year old home (that was priced low to reflect the condition) to say your buyer wants every item fixed on the 78 page report.

Really? Maybe your people would be better off getting a newly constructed home or a condo if they’re scared to deal with a little maintenance. Please educate your buyers that ALL homes will have odds and ends needing work, and the point of an inspection is for their protection. It is not designed for them to get all brand new everything, unless they want to spend $100-$500K more—then they can have a new home built for them.

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5. Lowballing after ONE DAY on the market when there are ample comps to justify asking price.

Look, I know you want to help your buyers get a deal, but in a sellers market with a home priced perfectly (one that I have 15 showings already confirmed on), you’re just wasting everybody’s time.

6. Having so big of a team that it causes communication breakdown.

This doesn’t apply to all teams. But there are agents who have an assistant and that assistant has an assistant and 14 people under them too, and none are singing from the proverbial same sheet of music. It’s not cool if I call YOU (the agent) and get bounced around like a pinball to 8 of your minions and never even deal with the “Team Leader” (YOU)—the one with your name and 8 year old airbrushed photo on the lawn sign.

7. Not notifying the co/op agent to cancel a showing.

This is the 21st century and you have the option to call me at the office, call me on my cell, facetime me, text me, email me, facebook or tweet me. There is no excuse to have zero communication skills when we live in an age of communication overload. Frankly, it makes you look pretty inept, and lazy, and rude.

8. Not leaving feedback after the showing.

If your buyers hated the wallpaper, carpet, yard, or thought it was stinky or overpriced, please tell me! That’s the point of feedback and why it’s emailed to you the moment you show the property.  Every listing agent will agree that getting feedback is ALWAYS helpful and many times it’s useful for justifying a price adjustment to our sellers. Ironically, in a day and age where people seem to have all the time in the world to share their thoughts and opinions about every possible thing, it seems odd why an agent can’t take the 10 seconds to fill out the feedback survey. Here’s the perfect opportunity to share your opinion, and the reader will actually care what you have to say!

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9. Complaining about how “busy” you are.

There are many layers to being busy, so if you are hustling and selling a lot of homes, and busy taking your kids on vacation or to Little League games, then you aren’t “busy”—you are living your life and sharing your success. If you’re spinning your wheels, wasting time at networking events, have no business, complaining about money problems, traffic and your kids, then it sounds like you have worse problems than being “busy”. You may be sending off the signal to people that you are too busy, or just too downright negative to help them.

10. Not uploading disclosures in the MLS.

I know, I know… your assistant was supposed to do it, but she was off for two days and you were busy with clients who had you driving all over the state burning your gas. This still makes you look sloppy and unorganized. There are no excuses in real estate. Do your job well, or don’t do it at all. Please don’t make me call, text, email, Facebook or tweet you for items that are required by law for you to furnish.

My wish is for ALL real estate agents to work harmoniously, and be somewhat on the same page working together toward a common goal: to close a sale! Wouldn’t that make our jobs so much easier? To me, these 10 points are the basics and are really just common sense. So many real estate agents complain about the bad reputation stigma that comes along with this profession. You know what I do? Ask myself if I’m adding to that stigma, or working hard to change it.

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VPD Is Plaguing The Real Estate Industry. Have You Been Infected?

What is VPD? Glad you asked.

It stands for ‘Vertical Photo Disease’.

(Graphic image below. Viewer discretion is advised.)


Oh, the horror!

Coined by Robert Wagener (aka ‘The RockinRealtyGuy’), this dreaded condition is affecting throngs of real estate professionals and their clients everywhere.

The telltale sign of VPD is when marketing photos don’t show the whole room. Instead, black bars appear on the sides, making the room look tiny. This, in turn, inhibits agents and potential buyers from seeing exactly what the interior looks like.

Perhaps the biggest victims of this condition are home sellers, who have the most to lose when their homes don’t sell as a result. The good is, VPD is fully treatable. (see below video)

Agents, as well as buyers and sellers, need to band together and take a stand against VPD. The first step is awareness, which you can accomplish by sharing this video with others.

Via Robert Wagener III (The Rockin Realty Guy)


For fast relief of VPD, get professional photos taken! However, if using your cell phone is unavoidable, flip it horizontally like this…

Via Techcrunch

WARNING! Side effects of treatment may include:

  • Shorter Days on Market
  • Happier Seller Clients
  • Better Reputation
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The Ten Commandments Of Buying A Home (Infographic)

Are you jazzed about your upcoming home purchase? Good. But slow down, Turbo! There are a few things you need to know. More specifically, ten things. They’re called “The Ten Commandments of Buying a Home.”

Read them. Absorb them. Emblazon them to memory, because one tiny mis-step can make your dream of homeownership come crashing down like a sandcastle at high tide.

(See below for text transcription)

The Ten Commandments of Buying a Home

  1. Thou shalt not change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job.
  2. Thou shalt not buy a car, truck or van (or you may be living in it!).
  3. Thou shalt not use credit cards excessively or let current accounts fall behind.
  4. Thou shalt not spend money you have set aside for closing.
  5. Thou shalt not omit debts or liabilities from your loan application.
  6. Thou shalt not buy furniture on credit.
  7. Thou shalt not originate any inquiries into your credit.
  8. Thou shalt not make large deposits without checking with your loan officer.
  9. Thou shalt not change bank accounts.
  10. Thou shalt not co-sign a loan for anyone.