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29 Home Photos Taken by Agents that Will Have You Asking, ‘Why, God?! Why?’

Ever get invited to someone’s home for the first time and end up seeing something that makes you just shake your head, or do a double take, or even run out the door screaming? Well, as a real estate agent, this happens on the regular. You end up viewing so many homes, you’re bound to run into things that boggle the mind.

At the Lighter Side, we’ve received a number of photos (and stories) of strange things that agents have found online or came across. Check em out.

PS… If you’ve taken or know of any photos you’d like published on the Lighter Side, please submit them here.

I’ve heard of crappy roofing jobs before, but this is ridiculous!

Via: Meggs Hull

Hillbilly version of a dirty movie?

Via: Angie Watts

This happens when home builders have O.C.D.

Via: Karen M. Riscinto

In case you needed an ideas for how to use this empty room.

Via: Kerry Redding

Curbside appeal?

Via: Candace Larson

Ho ho ho… no.

Via: Boris Teplitsky

When pools meet greenhouses.

Via: Autumn Etheredge

Soggy carpet must be soothing for rough feet.

Via: Breanne Johnson

Just when I thought I’d considered every use for duct tape…

Via: Dawnita Griffin Neff

Warning: Shrinks in the cold.

Via: Deborah Gillespie

Move along, nothing creepy to see here.

Via: Argelia Morales

This takes the 2 birds with one stone thing a little too far.

Via: Cory Huisman

Some people are just desperate for extra security these days. Maybe the sock is unwashed.

Via: Malina Nunez

And some have just given up. Maybe a burglar will want to buy the house after seeing it?

Via: John Reynolds

It’s a fandelier!

Via: Lu Anne Baar / Caption by Amy Sarginson

You had one job!

Via: Ryan Minges

Investor who learned how to flip at a seminar?

Via: Jason Miller / Caption by Kyle Skaggs

“Yeah, I can talk, just dropping some files off at the office.”

Via: Paul Holland / Caption by Gino Montalvo

“We never tell our guests how cold the water is.” *evil laughter*

Via: Diana Cooke

Not the most flattering way to show off your legs.

Via: Candace Larson

Some things are best left in the attic.

Via: Andrew Jenkins

Saving money on renovations was definitely the highest priority here.

Via: Ed Cordle

Note to self: never hire a colorblind tile guy.

Via: Gidget Jans

Sleepwalking has never been more dangerous.

Via: Jenn Chaimberlain

Ultimate way to set kill the mood!

Via: Justin VanDevender

The FSBO version of pink flamingoes?

Via: Randall Madison

Wait, what if previous listing agents are in there??

Via: Robert Young / Caption by Robert Kaetzel

Locked up and out of site = peace of mind.

Via: Tara Olacz Branz

Ronald McDonald’s dream bathroom?

Via: Misty Morris

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If you have any bizzare or funny home photos that you’d like to see the Lighter Side publish, please submit them here.

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Florida Man Covers His Entire House With Aluminum Foil. Because Art, That’s Why.

Aluminum foil has many uses. It can be used to cook and store food, make various forms of art, and, according to some questionable characters, block out mind-reading aliens. Some even use aluminum foil to insulate their windows in hot climates. Despite a few recent claims of aluminum being linked to alzheimer’s, this amazing product can also be used to turn an entire house into a silvery, shiny object of intrigue.

Welcome to 402, Ashland Ave, Tarpon Springs, Florida.

As you walk along the side of his aluminum wrapped driveway, a silvery monument to foil-artists around the world emerges.

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

Piotr Janowski, the current resident, decided to use aluminum foil to create something that can only exist in some strange Florida version of Oz.

“Curious onlookers rarely identify the installation as art,” Janowski told ABC.

Janowski continued, “It was almost always assumed

And a new perspective is exactly what he has provided…

…in extremely shiney…

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

…meticulous detail!

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

Tampa Bay Times reports that not all neighbors are pleased about the situation. However, some are just baffled.

“To each his own,” stated neighbor, Candy Labatte. “It’s just odd.” Possible understatement? When Tampa Bay Times asked how Janowski felt about the criticism, he replied, “It doesn’t matter if they love it or hate it. It’s very good for any artist. This is just really the beginning.”

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

To make matters more interesting, the place is rented. Apparently, wrapping your house (and everything else on your property) in foil so you can watch your distorted reflection for hours doesn’t violate any city ordinances.

His landlord and city officials don’t know what to do about the matter. Ever wonder how those random laws covering things like “not feeding a squirrel ice cream on Sundays” get invented? Mystery solved.

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

As if his T-1000 house wasn’t enough, Janowski decided it needed a foil forest too.

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

Don’t worry, Janowski knows what you’re thinking. He made sure to take care of local wildlife.

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

Here is a family of redheaded woodpeckers, obviously thrilled with their newly aluminum wrapped home.

So far, no reports of the parents forgetting where home is.

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

Once a palm tree, now an amazing, giant, silvery mushroom-thing!

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

Janowski reported that he would be taking down the foil within a month’s time, and then contacting museums about doing more displays.

Who knows what shiney creation he’ll roll out with next! I, for one, am curious.

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook

to have a practical value, such as a new form of insulation, pest control, or fire retardant.

The act of covering the facade of a house (along with the palm trees and sculpture installation) introduced something uncommon and unexpected into the neighborhood environment.

He hopes it offers a new perspective on what had been commonplace.

Via Piotr Janowski | Facebook
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Top 12 Things Buyers Do That Drive Realtors® Bananas

Helping someone buy a home can be a wonderfully rewarding experience, but it’s not without its challenges. From finding the perfect place and completing piles of paperwork to negotiating like a champ and doing plenty of hand-holding along the way, a Realtor®’s job is all-encompassing. And it’s often made that much taxing by the bad behavior of clients.

We asked agents to share some of the things buyers do that drive them absolutely crazy. If you’re a Realtor®, perhaps you can relate. If you’re in the market for a new home, stay on your agent’s good side by keeping this conduct to a minimum.

1. Wanting to shop before getting pre-approved

“I take pride in laying out what the buying process looks like, and help them understand the value of getting pre-approved first, however sometimes buyers, in the midst of the process (i.e. during credit repair) get excited about buying a home and want to start shopping before they’re ready to buy. The worst thing I can do is show a client a home they fall in love with and then let them watch it be sold to someone else because they can’t put in an offer yet. Most clients understand this…some I have to remind a few times.” — Katie Messenger , REALTOR® Keller Williams Louisville East

2. Ghosting


“Being unresponsive when I reach out. This doesn’t mean I require my clients to answer every time, or call me back in 30 seconds, however don’t disappear for days at a time when we are mid-negotiation, or if we have a deadline. Most of this can be avoided in an initial meeting where expectations are laid out about when both parties are available or the best ways to communicate, however sometimes clients don’t understand the rules of a contract.” — Messenger continued.

3. Refusing to negotiate


“When the buyer decides to walk because the two steps in front of the home does not have a handrail. Really?” — Cynthia Blackwell, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, REAL Broker, LLC

4. Neglecting the kids


“Unsupervised children on showing appointments can be challenging. I try to watch my client’s kids, but there was this one time that a child picked up a toy in a house. His parents realized the mistake two homes later. Alas, I was showing mountain property and had to drive 45 minutes back up two canyons to the house where the toy was removed from. LOL. ” — Bob Gordon, Realtor® at Berkshire Hathaway

5. Dreaming too big


“It’s awful when a buyer client falls in love with listings for homes that are out of their price range. It sours them a little on the homes that are within their range, because the more expensive properties usually have something that makes them more desirable and hence more expensive.” — Flavia Berys, real estate broker and attorney.

6. Bringing pets along


“Buyers who bring their little dogs ‘who are part of the family’ and the dog pees on the new/clean carpet.” — Linnie Smith, Managing Broker/Realtor at Windermere Professional Partners

7. Keeping info (too) close to the vest


“Not wanting to disclose their financial situation or provide documentation when they have a lot of assets and complain about having to do it…EVERY TIME.” —Sarah Bhagwansingh, a real estate agent with Triplemint

8. Touring homes to pass the time


“A gentleman who insisted upon seeing the most expensive condos in the building I was representing. It turned out he worked as a doorman and this was his day off entertainment.” — Melissa Assael, Real Estate Broker, Douglas Elliman Real Estate


“Or people to spend two days of your time in 112° having to drive them around to explore the city to discover they don’t want to make offer.” — Karey Maniscalco, Realtor® at RealtyPath

9. Making insultingly low offers


Buyers who want to submit a ridiculously low offer on a home the first day it’s listed in a market where homes are selling at or above list price.” — Helena Cameron, Realtor® at Sibcy Cline

10. Experiencing a change of heart


“Tell me to make offers only to change their minds once it’s accepted.” — Maniscalco added.

11. Trying to run the show


“Buyers that do their own searches and send over tons of homes for us to look up that are already under contract, or way over their price point, or not even close to what they said their needs were.” — Darlene Schmitt, real estate agent at West USA Realty,

12. Leaving their manners in the car


“Buyers that stand on the porch or discuss negative opinions inside the home without regard to video and audio recording devices. I had a seller that overheard a buyer ask their agent how low could they get the house…agent said watch me work my magic! Not cool.” — Debra Jourdan, broker associate at Luxury Estates Realty Group, LLC

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10 Unexpected Feelings You Deal With When Buying A House

1. Feeling like the perfect home is just out of reach.

It doesn’t matter how much you can afford to spend… it’ll feel like if you could just afford a little bit more, you’d be totally happy with the choices.

Don’t sweat it. It’s not really true. Stick to your budget and pick the best house you can for the amount you can spend. Even buyers in the millions go through these same feelings.

A good trick is to set your price limit lower than you can actually afford. Then, when you do start feeling this way, you can satisfy that feeling while still staying within your limits.


2. Feeling like you’re going to get fired from your job.

You’re going to be obsessed with looking at houses online. This will seriously impact how much you get done at work. You’ll feel worried, but that won’t stop you. But you most likely need your job in order to buy a house.

My advice? Get really good at sensing when your boss is coming so you can switch screens.


3. Feeling like a ninja.

Sensing your boss will make you a master of sneaking peeks at houses online. It’s inevitable. All serious home-buyers do.

This skill will make you feel invincible. Like you’ll never get caught. So you’ll get bolder…

…and at some point, a house will come on when you least expect it. It’ll look perfect. You’re not gonna want to miss out on it. So you’ll sneak out of work to go see it.


4. Feeling like you’re back in gym class.

Remember not being chosen for one of the teams until last in gym class? (For the record, I don’t remember that feeling either… but we all know what it could’ve felt like.)

Doesn’t seem to matter how slow the market is. The minute you find a house you love, there will be like 5 other buyers putting offers in on it.

As long as a house is priced appropriately to the market, there’s just a good chance you will end up competing against other buyers. Doesn’t matter how good you were at dodgeball, my friend. There’s a good chance you will end up feeling like “that kid” did in gym class back in the day.



5. Feeling like you’ve aged overnight.

There’s a lot of “hurry up and wait” in the sales process. Things often take longer than you expect. Especially if you go after a short sale. Lots of buyers and agents avoid these. And for good reason (because “short” sales are not short). They take forevvvvver.

Just know that short sales are not necessarily better deals. But they’d better be because you’ll pay a premium for the deal in terms of time and patience.



6. Feeling sorry and / or guilty…

Buyers are often surprised by some of the feelings they go through in terms of dealing with agents.

Sometimes people feel sorry for taking too long to find and buy a house.

Sometimes it’s for ending up not buying a house at all after the agent spent tons of time showing houses to you.

Often it’s for not using an agent you know, whether it’s family, friend, or just someone you know around town.

All of these things happen. It’s an unfortunate truth and reality for so many agents. Most agents get used to it and know how to deal with the pains and frustrations. But sometimes it hurts relationships.


7. Feeling like a rockstar.

You find your house. You get your offer accepted. You are finally at the closing table…

Everyone in the room has their eyes on you. People keep pushing papers in front of you. They want your autograph…or at least that’s how you should look at it.

Everyone always talks about having to sign your name so many times as torture. Like it’s so hard to sign a bunch of papers. OK, fine, you may get carpal tunnel syndrome, but you may as well put the positive spin on the whole thing.

This one is more of a suggestion. Be like Harry Styles and smile as everyone in the room is just dying for your signature. Probably the closest to being a rock star you may ever get. If not, you should see if Yo MTV Cribs is coming back and sign up to show people where the magic happens.


8. Feeling shock.

Even if you got a good deal on a house, it’s often shocking how much the mortgage will actually cost you over the life of the loan. Not the monthly payment, but how much you pay total, say over 30 years with interest.

Sure, you get told ahead of time. It’s in some disclosure or another. But man, it becomes real at the closing table when someone is making sure you see it and sign that you saw it.

That’s financing. Sometimes it makes sense to use other people’s money. Sometimes it makes sense to use it and pay it off as quickly as possible. Sometimes it makes sense to pay cash…if you got it. It all depends on who you are and what your situation is.

But if you borrow money, there is certainly a cost for that privilege…


9. Feeling heartbreak.

This is one buyers often do not expect…

Once you’ve found and closed on your house, you won’t see your real estate agent as much. So many times buyers and agents get pretty close.

You see each other often. You share tons of stuff together. You get used to seeing each other and the agent almost becomes like part of the family.

I know it may sound weird, but if you’ve been through it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Y’know what!? You should give your agent a call right now and check in. Bet he or she would love to hear from you.



10. Feeling like you need to buy another house.

Hey, there’s no better way to get over that heartbreak than to get back in the saddle and go buy another house!

Investment property, anyone!?

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15 Universal Traits Of Real Estate Agents The Public Really Ought To Know

1. We’re sentimental.


2. We’re confident.


3. We’re protective.


4. We’re enthusiastic.


5. We’re detail-oriented.


6. We’re on-the-go.


7. We’re skeptical.


8. We’re curious.


9. We’re unlucky.


10. We’re fast-paced.


11. We’re sarcastic.


12. We’re modest.


13. We’re impatient.


14. We’re diplomatic.


15. We’re hungry (literally!).


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This Realtor’s Hilarious Karaoke Rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Is Going Viral

Andrea Madison Romero of Phoenix, AZ isn’t your typical Realtor. Yes, she does show and sell homes, like any other Realtor, but she also possesses a skill that sets her apart — she can sing! Even more impressive? Her lyrics are hilarious!

“It was for a grand opening of one of my brokerage’s new office locations,” she told us. “I was having a challenge with a loan and thought my buyer was going to back out. I had ‘Shake it Off’ stuck in my head and rewrote the chorus.. and then just thought it would be funny to do the whole song.”

Kudos, Andrea! The real estate community gives you a collective standing ovation. Video footage courtesy of Serena Pell.

(PS. The lyrics are below the video if you want to follow along…)

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If Your Real Estate Agent Shows Any Of These Types Of Body Language… RUN!

WARNING: if you notice your real estate agent showing these expressions after you ask questions about buying or selling a home… RUN!

1. When you ask, “Can I see your portfolio of sold homes?” and they’re like…


Competent real estate agents won’t shy away from this question, even if they’re just starting out with not much to show you. Many new licensees represent a new breed of hungry, smart-phone packing, internet-savvy go-getters who might be just the agent you need.

2. When you ask, “How’s the market looking right now?” and they’re like…


Speaking in generalities is ok at a family reunion or on the golf course. But during a listing presentation, competent real estate agents will explain in great detail all the relevant market conditions which may impact the sale of your home.

3. When you ask, “What’s your opinion of the schools in this area?” and they’re like…


This is a question that won’t dumbfound competent agents because they’re already aware. They know your area’s school system inside and out. When dealing with potential buyers, they will point them to the right resources, enabling them to conduct their own research and make an informed opinion.

4. When you ask, “My home obviously needs some TLC. Is there anything I can do to improve its curb appeal?” and they’re like…


Ok, this is obviously an exaggerated response. You won’t actually get laughed at. But regardless of how much sprucing up your home needs, competent agents will assist you in determining exactly what needs to be done to maximize its appeal to the market. They’ll also have a long list of trusted vendors you can call upon.

5. When you ask, “Do you think you can get top dollar for my home?” and they’re like…


Competent real estate agents are confident — not shy, dismissive, or intimidated when you ask this question. In fact, they want you to ask it because it’s a green light to sum up all the reasons why they’re perfect for selling your home.

6. When you ask, “Have you ever sold any homes in my neighborhood?” and they’re like…


Competent agents won’t stammer, stutter, or make excuses — even if they lack experience in your particular neighborhood. Every neighborhood expert has to sell their very first home in that neighborhood. Listen to the agent’s value proposition and decide if yours will be a first for them your neighborhood.

7. When you ask, “What’s the average days on market in this area?” and they’re like…


For competent agents, this type of information is like their phone number — they know it by heart. Don’t necessarily expect an exact number; ballpark is fine. However, a competent agent will know if it’s 3 months… or closer to 3 days.

8. When you ask, “What is your sale-to-list ratio vs. the market?” and they’re like…


Like the question above, competent agents can give you a solid answer on the spot. This is a measurement they take pride in. Good listing agents can often outperform the market by using aggressive marketing techniques and strategies that enable their listings to sell faster and for higher dollar amounts.

If you like this one, you’ll love: 10 Signs That You Might Be a Real Estate Agent

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3 Things Real Estate Apps Commonly Get Wrong

Listing sites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and Craigslist have become the go-to source for many buyers and sellers (particularly people attempting to buy or sell property on their own) to get information about the market, view properties, and connect with property owners.

But while most people believe these listing sites are a reliable source of information, there’s actually quite a bit of misinformation that can throw a wrench in your home search or sale.

Here are the three things real estate apps commonly get wrong (and how you can avoid them while selling or buying your home):

1. Not all postings are real


One of the biggest problems on most real estate apps is that they don’t require any verification from the people placing listings. So essentially, anyone with an internet connection can post any listing they’d like — including listings that are completely falsified.

There are an immeasurable number of fake listings on these sites; posters either use the “bait and switch” method, posting photos of one property when they’re really selling another (one New York real estate company was caught red-handed using celebrities’ properties in a highly publicized bait and switch scam in 2015), or create a completely fake listing in hopes of gathering people’s personal information for marketing purposes or, in some extreme cases, identity theft.

For these reasons you may waste a lot of time and energy looking through and engaging with fake listings, which can keep you from finding real listings — the kind that could end up being your dream home.

2. Not all postings are up-to-date


Another big issue with these sites is that often times, listings aren’t updated. So a listing you see for sale might have actually been sold the previous week or a listing that reads “sale pending” might actually be back on the market.

This failure to update is a bad situation for both buyers and sellers. As a buyer, it means you might get excited about a home only to find out it’s already been sold or you might pass on an amazing home, thinking it’s already been sold… only to find out after the fact it actually was available. If your listing is out-of-date as a seller, it means you could miss out on potential buyers thanks to inaccurate information.

Without up-to-date information, it’s impossible to effectively manage either the search or the sale of your home. But unfortunately, when you work within these types of real estate listings sites, you’re pretty much guaranteed out-of-date information.

3. Property information is often incorrect


On top of fake listings and out-of-date listings, many listings on these sites are just flat out incorrect. And this can be a big problem for both buyers and sellers.

As a buyer, you want to know what you’re getting into when you look at a property. But if the information is incorrect — for example, the listing states the property is 4 bedrooms when it’s really only three or that the home sits on 2 acres when it’s really only 1 — you’ll end up wasting a lot of time looking at properties that don’t actually fit within your parameters.

As a seller, not only will incorrect listing information waste time by connecting you with buyers who are looking for something different from what your property has to offer, but it can actually affect the price of your offers. Zillow, one of the top real estate apps, offers a popular feature called “Zestimate” which estimates how much a property is worth whether it’s on or off the market. Anyone can access this information, including potential buyers. And buyers use Zestimates as a way to come up with offer prices.

Unfortunately, Zestimates are often inaccurate. In fact, they’re off by an average of 8% nationally, which is a pretty shocking disparity.

Apps and listing sites readily admit their information might not be accurate; most all have a disclaimer page stating that information on their site may be inaccurate and encouraging potential buyers or sellers to verify all information independently.

Moral of the story: when you deal with real estate apps, you’re also going to be dealing with a lot of misinformation, which can derail your home sale or search.

What to do instead


As you can see, real estate apps aren’t your best bet when it comes to buying or selling a home. You’ll end up wasting time and energy on fake or out-of-date listings or inaccurate information. That’s why it’s always best to work with a real estate agent. Agents have access to the most up-to-date, accurate information through the MLS, which will ensure that as a buyer, every home you see is exactly what you expect it to be, and as a seller, every potential buyer that comes to tour your home will know exactly what they’re getting into.

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One Glaring Real Estate Lesson We Can All Learn From The Solar Eclipse

You’ve probably heard lots of people scurrying to find solar eclipse glasses.

There’s going to be quite a few people who simply can’t get a pair in time for the eclipse.

People waited too long to get them. Perhaps because they weren’t entirely in tune with how rare, and how big of an event the eclipse is.

But also because they underestimated the supply, availability, and accessibility of the glasses compared to the demand for them.

Who’d have thought they’d be about as rare as the eclipse itself?

Don’t wait ’til it’s too late

This is similar to something seen in real estate…

When people hear there’s a great house on the market, they often wait to go see it or make an offer…until it’s too late to do anything about it.

By the time they motivate, the house has been scooped up by another buyer, and often there were even more buyers who were trying to buy it, but lost out.

Houses aren’t “a dime a dozen”

The solar eclipse glasses were practically “a dime a dozen”. They were all basically the same, inexpensive, and plenty to go around…yet still not enough for everyone who wanted a pair.

Houses, on the other hand, are often one-of-a-kind…

…which makes it all the more likely that if you hesitate even the slightest bit, you’re going to miss your opportunity.

But there’s always another…

Lots of people won’t be able to look directly at the eclipse, since they don’t have the glasses. They’re going to miss the rare opportunity. There will be disappointment.

But even though they’re rare, another one will occur fairly soon in the U.S in about 7 years. Or, you can see one in a mere 2 years in other parts of the world.

They’re still rare, no matter how you cut it. But you can see an eclipse at other times if you’re willing to travel.

Same thing goes for houses…

If you lose out on a house because you hesitated, it’s disappointing, but it’s not the only opportunity you’ll have.

In fact, you could probably find a similar house to the one you like pretty soon after losing the one you had your eye on…if you’re willing to travel.

But most people want to find the house of their dreams where they live, not somewhere else.

So don’t miss your opportunity when you see the perfect house, in the perfect location. Jump on it. Otherwise, you may be waiting a while for the next one to appear.

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8 Ways Real Estate Agents are Like Man’s Best Friend

As if loyalty, protection, and unconditional love aren’t enough, man’s best friend also possesses another lesser-known trait: ability to teach. Yep, through dogs we can all learn what it’s like being a real estate agent. Sounds weird, right? I guess you’ll just have to watch the video to see what I mean.